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Short Description of the Regulating Acts †History Essay

Short Description of the Regulating Acts – History Essay Free Online Research Papers Short Description of the Regulating Acts History Essay The ‘Regulating Acts’ were a series of edicts with the purpose of subordinating the East India Trading Company to the British Government. In 1772 because of all the fiscal disorder and chaos the company was facing in India, Warren Hastings was inserted as the first governor-general of the company’s Indian territories; his goal was to establish an ordered system of government for British India. During Hastings’ time in office he faced nothing but problems. It was extremely difficult for Hastings to establish any type of government because of a lack of knowledge of Indian culture as well as the inability to speak any Indian languages. On top of the problems Hastings faced actually dealing with the Indian people, there were internal conflicts. The company’s agents in India were unwilling to give up profitable trading activities for the uncertain advantages of government. It was clear at this point that the East India Company was no longer capable of ruling the empire it had created. In 1783 the ‘Board of Control’ was established, whose president sat in British Parliament, officially ending the sovereignty of the East India Company. Research Papers on Short Description of the Regulating Acts - History EssayPETSTEL analysis of IndiaAppeasement Policy Towards the Outbreak of World War 2Moral and Ethical Issues in Hiring New EmployeesMarketing of Lifeboy Soap A Unilever ProductBringing Democracy to AfricaAnalysis of Ebay Expanding into AsiaQuebec and CanadaRelationship between Media Coverage and Social andNever Been Kicked Out of a Place This NiceAssess the importance of Nationalism 1815-1850 Europe

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Pollution in Europe essays

Pollution in Europe essays Europe's Proposal For Good waters by 2010 5. Solutions to save Europe Waterways Water pollution is a problem that effects all living things. Every living organism on earth requires water to survive. When the water is polluted, it not only effects the plants, insects, and animals, it harms people. Taking care of this planet's water is vital to the short term and long term survival of the living things that inhabit the earth. The oceans, lakes, and streams are constantly polluted by individuals and many industries. These waters must be cleaned up before the costs are way beyond money and the damage way beyond repair. Action to clean up the Earth's precious water supply is long over due. Governments, as well as the individual, in all countries must begin to take action. Plans must be made to rid the waters of pollution, and prevent any further destruction of the one and only source of water that Earth has. Governments need to develop policies and regulations to stop the passage of pollutants into the water. The individual must take their own action. Using pro ducts that do not cause harm to the ocean, disposing of harmful products, and pushing the government to take action against water pollution are not only the rights of the individual, but the obligations of the individual. The action taken now will not only make the planet safer and cleaner for the present, but for generations to come. The pros to saving the ocean are far greater than any cons someone might come up with. One of the obvious pros is that cleaning up the ocean means a healthier planet. Contaminating the oceans also contaminates our food supply. Having healthier seafood makes for healthier people. Cleaning up and taking care of the oceans gives people a good place for recreation. The process of cleaning up and monitoring the oceans will provide many new job opportunities. Action to take clean the ocean may sound expensive, but it will be cheaper in the ...

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Nike Corporation Case Study Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Nike Corporation Case Study - Essay Example When Nike sets a standard, the industry follows it like a tradition. In the consumer products industry there are two distinct marketing strategies. One is make to sell and the other is make to order. Everyone starts with the make to sell strategy by offering products they think should be bought by consumers. The focus is more on sales than on production. The risk is enormous and the fear of rejection is immense. With passage of time and a better knowledge of preferences manufacturing evolves towards the made to order strategy where the focus shifts to production capability and costs as the demand is now better known and the fear of rejection is almost eliminated. This now opens the avenues of larger markets including globalisation. To become a Global Player critical mass is a must for any multi-national company. This is the evaluation tool to find a company’s capability to survive both financially as well as exponentially. Global Distribution Network and economies of scale are the two key factors for ensuring success. Continuous availability of the product is a very important factor and this is possible by having a competent retail outlet set-up. Equally important is the supply chain and it must be geared up for local supplies at short notices. Lack of these facilities will result in loss of market and inhibit market penetration and dominance. In addition, achieving economies of scale through minimizing manufacturing costs is necessary for manufacturers to meet their financial goals and to erect a barrier for competition to encroach their markets via prices. The success of a business depends on how effectively a company uses its resources and maximizes production as per the market needs to meet its targ ets. In order to maximize one’s own production and profitability in business, it is essential that comprehensive planning on location of its production facilities is done to

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Existentialism and Phenomenology Research Paper

Existentialism and Phenomenology - Research Paper Example    It includes work of many philosophers who are co-related to the concept of the existentialism. These include Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Jaspers, Sartre and Merleau-Ponty. It also includes the works of the less popular philosophers namely Paul Tillich, Keiji Nishitani, Colin Wilson, de Unamuno, Marcel, de Beauvoir, Hazel Barnes, Martin Buber and Viktor Frankl. And lastly it has the works of those who have the concept of existentialism embedded in their literary genres who are Beckett, Borges, Pinter, Heller, Roth, Turgenev, Dostoyevsky, Hesse, Rilke, Kafka, Camus, Marquez and Miller. This essay will talk about the philosophical beliefs of Nietzsche and Karl Jaspers. Nietzsche was not in favor of immorality and he was not even against morality, he initially thought that life is devoid of any objective meaning, value, or purpose .His basic area of interest was the Judeo-Christian morality. He was in favor was aristocratic and independent master morality. Nietzsche acknowled ged fate and fatalism, and was also in favor of self-realization. He was struggling with Schopenhauer’s glumness. He basically stressed a lot on stylizing our character in order to become what we are, it is important to mould our character in a way which depicts our originality. Nietzsche is popular for his inventions and his one invention which gained a lot of popularity although it just appeared in one book was the â€Å"Ubermensch† which is also a substitute and hateful last man. Ultimately, both the  Ubermensch  and the spiritualized will to Power that he embodies symbolize passion and the love of life. Throughout the book we can see some points which holds importance in the eyes of the philosophers, for Nietzsche of the belief is described as "The greatest recent event- that "God is dead" that the belief in the Christian god has become unbelievable -is already beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe." (Solomon 1974 p 67)  It clearly depicts that the European culture is no longer placing God in the center of thing they are doing , he is saying that the value and the importance of God is decreasing in Europe and that we are cast adrift , even if we live in a world of denial. He later on in the book talks about his reaction to this as "Indeed we philosophers and "free spirits" feel, when we hear the news that "the old god is dead", as if a new dawn shone on us, our heart over flows with gratitude, amazement, premonitions, expectations." He here is saying that with the death of god, Christianity form of anti strength and the way value is created has been eliminated and there are no particular ways of replacing it. Nietzsche in the book also talks about his point of view regarding the consciousness and its affect on men, he says that.†That consciousness does not really belong to mans individual existence but rather to his social or herd nature." (Solomon 1974 p 71)  Here Nietzsche stresses on the point where life holds the b asic value. He talks about the social values and other worldly values; he is denying the existence of other heaven or society without classes. He wrote about the way people should live a life and the decisions they should take regarding their lives and the way they spend their life. His way of leading life was not the traditional one which involved the existence of morals because for him he was not sure about the right and wrong. He

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Business law - Contract problems, FIRAC case, and short summary Assignment

Business law - Contract problems, FIRAC case, and short summary - Assignment Example to be bound by the agreement, statute of fraud covers contracts of sale of goods for a cost of at least $ 500 and requires such contracts to be in writing (Clarkson, et al, p. 234, 303). Hodge entered into a contract to work for Evans on the prime condition that the contract would be permanent. His condition was accepted but he was fired within a year. Hodge has sued for a breach of contract while Evans argues that the oral contract is unenforceable. Watkins and Iams entered into an annually renewable contract in which Watkins was, based on a promise, to be the sole distributer of Iams’ products in Michigan. The renewed contract in 1993 however reserved the company’s right to appoint any other distributor in Michigan. Iams then notified Watkins that its contract would not be renewed and contracted another company. Watkins has since sued for breach of contract, fraud, and promissory ‘estoppel’. A contract that either does not involve land, is enforceable within a year, is not a contract of guarantee, is not a promise that involves â€Å"consideration of marriage† and is not for sale of goods worth at least $ 500 dollars does not necessarily have to be in writing (Clarkson, et al., p. 304). Promissory estoppels also creates liability on promises relied upon in contracts (Clarkson, et al, p. 259). Dyer purchased a car with written provisions that no taxes were included in the price. While the contract restricted the agreement to its written terms, the salesperson assured her that sales tax was already paid. She has realized otherwise and has sued for breach. The parole evidence rule provides that oral agreement that precedes or is made alongside a written contract, in which the parties intended to be fully bound by the written contract, is inadmissible. The rule however has exceptions that include â€Å"contract subsequently modified, voidable or void contracts, contracts containing ambiguous terms, and incomplete contracts† among others (Clarkson, et al,

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Social Constructs of Beauty in America, Europe and Asia Research Proposal

Social Constructs of Beauty in America, Europe and Asia - Research Proposal Example The essay "Social Constructs of Beauty in America, Europe and Asia" will looks at the international constructions of beauty in various cultural locations all over the world precisely in the USA, Asia and European nations. The variations of the sexual connotation of beauty will be compared according to the region where the magazine adverts come from. The research will look at the points of commonality and the divergence in the construction of beauty in fashion. The running theme in the paper will be the effect of the cultural influences in the modeling of what is beautiful across the three regions of America, Europe and Asia. The paper will not assume a comparison point of view; instead, it will seek to look at the social constructs of beauty individually. The practical activities representing the social constructs of beauty take into consideration the increasing globalization effects. In line with the increasing globalization, the cultural influences in the design and fashion areas a re turning out to be hazy mazes. The dominant cultures are exerting their influences on the traditional concepts of beauty such that the end result is a dwindling effect of culture on the depiction of beauty. Majority of the western films have been credited for the erosion of the social constructs of beauty. This precedence is dangerous in that it threatens the actual existence of the beauty in its indigenous form. As a creative practitioner, the assignment will seek to expose the beauty in the cultural influences.

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Analyze The Anatomical Structure Of Ten Essay Example for Free

Analyze The Anatomical Structure Of Ten Essay Distinguish among the four tissue types found in the human body. Provide an example of each type with its function and location. Epithelial tissue covers the body surface and forms the lining for most internal cavities. The major function of epithelial tissue includes protection, secretion, absorption, and filtration. The skin is an organ made up of epithelial tissue which protects the body from dirt, dust, bacteria and other microbes that may be harmful. Cells of the epithelial tissue have different shapes as shown on the students worksheet. Cells can be thin, flat to cubic to elongate. Connective tissue is the most abundant and the most widely distributed of the tissues. Connective tissues perform a variety of functions including support and protection. The following tissues are found in the human body, ordinary loose connective tissue, fat tissue, dense fibrous tissue, cartilage, bone, blood, and lymph, which are all considered connective tissue. There are three types of muscle tissue: skeletal, smooth, and cardiac. Skeletal muscle is a voluntary type of muscle tissue that is used in the contraction of skeletal parts. Smooth muscle is found in the walls of internal organs and blood vessels. It is an involuntary type. The cardiac muscle is found only in the walls of the heart and is involuntary in nature. Nerve tissue is composed of specialized cells which not only receive stimuli but also conduct impulses to and from all parts of the body. Nerve cells or neurons are long and string-like. Distinguish among five different types of connective tissue with examples of functions and location within the body. Adipose fatty tissue; type of loose connective tissue that stores energy, insulates and cushions the body Fibrous Tissue composed of bundles of collagenous white fibers between which are rows of connective tissue cells. Bone tissue Most rigid connective tissue, internally supports body structures, very active tissue, heals much more rapidly than cartilage cartilage tissue Dense, flexible tissue similar to bone tissue blood tissue Consists of blood cells surrounded by nonliving fluid matrix called plasma.  Funcion: transport vehicle for cardiovascular system, carrying nutrients, wastes, respiratory gases, and many other subs thru body hemopoietic tissue Produces blood cells that are added to the circulating blood, removes worn out blood cells from the blood stream, red bone marrow, lymphatic tissue, yellow bone marrow Analyze five different types of epithelial tissue with examples of functions and location within the body. Simple squamous-single layer of thin, flat, many-sided cells each with a central nucleus. It lines internal cavities, the heart and all the blood vessels. Also lines parts of the urinary, respiratory, and male reproductive tracts. Stratified squamous-consists of many layers of cells. Innermost layer produces cells that are first cuboidal or columnar in shape, but as cells push toward the surface, they become flattened and begin to accumulate a protein called keratin and eventually die. Keratin makes the outer layer of epidermis tough, protective, and able to repel water. The linings of the mouth, throat, anal canal, and vagina are examples of stratified epithelium. The outermost layer of cells surrounding the cavity remains soft, moist, and alive. Simple cuboidal-single layer of cube-shaped cells, each with a central nucleus. Found in tubules of the kidney and in the ducts of many glands, where it has a protective function. It also occurs in the secretory portions of some glands, where the tissue produces and releases secretions. Simple columnar-single layer of tall, cylindrical cells, each with a nucleus near the base. This tissue, which lines the digestive tract from the stomach to the anus, protects, secretes, and allows absorption of nutrients. Pseudo stratified ciliated columnar-appears to be layered, though actually all cells touch the basement membrane. Many cilia are located on the free end of each cell. In the human trachea, the cilia wave back and forth, moving mucus and debris up toward the throat so that it cannot enter the lungs. Smoking destroys these cilia, but they will grow back if smoking is discontinued.